Guide for New STARSkaters

What is STARSkate?

STARSkate is Skate Canada’s Figure Skating Program. Jumps, spins, edge skills, ice dance, freeskate and artistic routines are taught in this program. Skaters have the opportunity to participate in Skate Canada competitions.

Once a skater has completed CanSkate Stage 6, they can enroll in our STAR 1 program. This program focuses on basic jumps and spins as well as the first level of ice dances.

Figure skates are essential at this level. We recommend visiting a specialty figure skating store like the Figure Skating Boutique to be properly fitted for skates.

Class Structure

STARSkate programs have less group lesson time than our Learn to Skate programs. This allows for private or semi-private lessons and practice time. Private coaching is essential to teach ice dances and develop specific skating skills.

STAR 1 and 2 includes:

  • 30 minutes of group instruction
  • 30 minutes of practice time

Private Coaching

Skaters coming out of our Learn to Skate programs can feel a bit lost and overwhelmed after the group lesson. We suggest booking a primary coach for a 15 minute private lesson to give them focus during their practice time. Many coaches offer semi-private coaching for two students at the same level. This is a great way for your skater to find a practice buddy!

Hiring a Coach

It is a good idea to arrange coaching before the start of the skating season. If your skater responded well to one of our Learn to Skate coaches, consider contacting them first to see if they coach at the STARSkate level. Visit our Coaches page for qualifications, availability and contact information for all our coaches.

Our club believes a team coaching approach is the best way to provide our skaters with the support they need to achieve their goals. It is best to choose a Primary Coach who can assess your skater’s needs as they progress through the STARSkate system. At higher levels, your Primary Coach may suggest lessons with coaches who specialize in Freeskate, Dance, Skills or Choreography.

  • Individual coaching sessions are not included in your program fees!
  • You must hire and pay private coaches directly.
  • Qualifications, availability, fees and payment options vary from coach to coach.
  • Any questions about private coaching should be discussed directly with the coach before you arrange lessons.

Contact us if you need help choosing a coach.

STAR Levels

STAR Assessments are used to progress through levels in Skills, Freeskate, Artistic and Dance. To move to the next level, a skater must pass the assessment for their current level. You can see a detailed list of STAR Assessments on the Skate Canada website.

STAR 1 – 5 assessments are done in class by the skater’s coach. Assessment fees must be paid in advance. The skater’s coach will notify the skater when they are ready to be assessed.

STAR 6 – Gold assessments for Skills are assessed by a qualified coach or a Skate Canada Evaluator at a club run Test Day.

STAR 6 – Gold assessments for Freeskate, Artistic and Dance are assessed by a Skate Canada Evaluator at a club run Test Day.

For Test Days, skaters pay a hospitality fee plus the fee for each assessment taken. Skaters must pay their fees in advance by the Test Day deadline.

All fees can be paid through your club account on the Test Fees page.

Get Involved!

Our club runs on volunteer power! Join the Board of Directors to be a part of overall club management. Volunteer at one of our many events or offer your expertise in any area. Volunteers are part of building a great skating community. They keep our club running smoothly and allow us to offer extras like an Annual Ice Show and Club Competition.