North Toronto Skating Club

Ice Safety / Awareness Rules

The NTSC has established the following ice rules and regulations for the purpose of providing safe skating conditions, a positive environment for learning, and a fun and enjoyable skating atmosphere.


  • Skaters and Arena Patrons are to behave in a respectful manor towards each other, Coaches, Arena Staff and Others when at the Arena.
  • No bullying or harassment will be tolerated among skaters.
  • Profanity, derogatory remarks or intentional physical contact are prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • NO ROUGH PLAY, fighting or tag playing while on the ice or anywhere in the arena.
  • A parent or guardian must always be present in the arena for all skaters aged 12 and under.
  • Parents or Caregivers are not allowed on the ice during skating sessions.
  • The bleachers should be used to observe skaters. Only skaters, ice captains and coaches are allowed in the hockey box during club sessions. All others will be asked to leave.
  • Skates should be put on and taken off in the change rooms only. Please do not use the stairs, hallways, or benches at the entrance to the ice to put on or take off skates.
  • Blade protectors must be worn when off the ice.
  • Proper skating attire must be worn, Avoid loose pieces that can fall onto the ice.
  • Keep hair tied up and out of face.
  • Ice entry doors must be kept closed at all times. If you see them open, CLOSE them.

On Ice Etiquette

  • Skaters must be aware of where other skaters and coaches are on the ice at all times to avoid collisions.
  • Skaters must always look where they are skating, especially when skating backwards.
  • Skaters must look both ways when entering the ice.
  • Right of way: skaters performing to music being played, skaters being coached, followed by all other skaters.
  • Practice Spins in the centre and jumps in the corners.
  • Skaters must not congregate in the centre of the ice or in front of the ice entry doors. If you need to talk, stand by the Boards or leave the ice.
  • Skaters must try to get up immediately after falling.
  • No gymnastics with skates on, on the ice or in the arena i.e. Hand stands or cartwheels.
  • No chewing gum or eating allowed on the ice. Skaters may drink from water bottles placed on the boards as long as it does not interfere with skaters on the ice.
  • IPod’s, MP3 players and cell/smart phones must not be used at any time while on the ice.

View or print: Ice Safety Awareness Rules 2015-2016