North Toronto Skating Club

Learn to Skate – First Class Reminders!

Friday, September 20th to Thursday, September 26th:
First class for Parent & Tot (3-4 years), CanSkate A (3-5 years) and CanSkate B (6-9 years).

Please arrive 30 minutes before your first class to sign in and get a name/group sticker for your child’s helmet.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Skates (lace up only, no plastic skates with buckles)
  • CSA approved hockey helmet (face mask recommended for beginners)
  • Warm jacket
  • Snow pants (Parent & Tot / CanSkate A)
  • Track pants, sweat pants or leggings (CanSkate B)
  • Gloves or mitts (waterproof recommended for beginners, bring extras!)
  • Lock if you rented a locker

Parents/guardians of children aged 12 and under must remain at the arena during their child’s class and should watch from the stands.

If your child has never skated before, they will spend the first few weeks falling down, sitting on the ice and learning how to stand up. Once they can get up on their own you will see them improve quickly!

Skaters advance at their own pace and will be moved between groups as their skating skills improve.